Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sailing the Seas in 1/600

     Having been inspired by Gavin of Fruphy's Brush with History fame, I decided to pull out my painted 1/600 Skytrex ships and finally post them to the blog. These are a product of both my daydreams of gaming the narrow seas and my earlier project at identifying Vallejo equivalents to the paints used by the Royal and Royal Canadian Navies. The ships were part of a small purchase of four test pieces, three Flower class corvettes and one Bangor class mine sweeper. So far, I have only painted two as they were a testing of the gaming waters (pun intended!). 

     These game pieces are quite large as they each carried complements of 60 and 85 men a piece. They were both quite rough as models go. The Flower was molded with heavy panel line detail on hull sides and provoked me to fill and sand endlessly. While the panel lines would have perhaps provided me opportunity to become quite artistic with chipping and heavy rust, I wanted a clean appearance where the camouflage colors were the focal point and not the effects of service at sea. 

     My intended rules set was to be "Action Stations!" by David Manley. I also have a copy of the inappropriately named "Coastal Command" by Rudy Nelson. I say inappropriate as they have nothing to do with the RAF?! Strange?! Another option for the narrow seas gamer is "Fast Attack". I believe that these are the rules being utilized by Gavin. Maybe after the first of the year I will look into finally finishing my remaining two Flowers. Perhaps that fleet purchase program can finally move from the daydream phase to the tabletop? Time will tell.

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