Monday, September 9, 2013

Death by Moonlight: Bomber Command

     I have for a long time wanted to write about this documentary as it is a sobering yet moving tribute to those who fought and died in the skies above Europe and England. When it first aired, it was not received evenly by all who viewed it. The opinions expressed ranged from praise to its openness and respect with which it covered the subject to that of displeasure in how the airmen were portrayed as near victims to a senseless horror.

     I am among those who feel praise for the work. I found that it respectfully portrayed the men who flew [many to their deaths] as human. They were in fact so human that during their time in service as well as the years that followed, they felt joy, sadness, pride, fear, patriotism, and remorse. While the war was necessary and just, it was no less costly in both body and spirit. God bless those that have given us all that we have today for we can never truly repay them.


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