Friday, August 3, 2012

Sea Cadets

     As a youth, I was a member of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps which is the American cousin to the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and the British Royal Navy Sea Cadets. All three are founding members of the International Sea Cadet Association. It was through this program of adventuring and institutional learning that I refined my values in hard work, dedication, cause, and comradeship. One does not often see their own growth and development in real time, but as we reflect back, it becomes more obvious which events helped shape us.

     While searching through YouTube for videos on the Royal Navy, I stumbled across a great recruiting video that was released in 1941 by The Ministry of Information. It is titled Sea Cadets with Bernard Miles. As with many wartime informational films, the actors are overly rigid, but the topic is important, and the supporting footage is top notch!
     Unfortunately, the video I had originally posted is no longer available on YouTube. I have since replaced it with a recruiting video containing an equally important message, albeit produced in a more modern setting.  

     While not currently a volunteer for the Sea Cadets, I do make a monthly payroll deduction to the program. Yes, I put my money where my mouth is! I encourage all who have a little salt in their blood to consider doing the same. Or, perhaps if your life's schedule will allow, take it one step further and become a volunteer. The earlier embedded links will take you to their parent organization's websites to help you learn more about these important youth programs.

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