Friday, August 10, 2012

R.C.A.F. Overseas

     Between the years 1944 and 1949, the Royal Canadian Air Force authorized the publishing of a three volume work that is the R.C.A.F. Overseas.

     The books themselves, while of historical value, and produced by the RCAF Historical Section cannot be deemed true official histories of the RCAF's wartime service. The reason is thus, they were subject to censorship rules which obscured important details such as squadron identities and geographical locations. While this is a blow to what could have otherwise been a pivotal work, it does not completely destroy their value as history in general.

     Combined  these books encompass 1,451 pages of text, notes, tables, photographs, and indexes. Unfortunately, the books have long since been out of print, and can be difficult to find in above-average condition. In 2008, the Directorate of History and Heritage first made them available as free downloads in .pdf format. While the books do not command as near as high a price as the Army's Official Histories, the opportunity to access the texts for free is most generous. The below book titles link directly to their corresponding files for reading, downloading, or printing.

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